The Magic of Time Blocking


JUNE, 2020

Nancy A Hetrick

As I train CDFA® holders around the country I hear the same question over and over. “How will I find the time to build my divorce business when I still have to manage my wealth practice?” I get it. We’re all busy and the idea that we’re magically going to find extra hours in our day seems pretty impossible.

There are really two reasons that you can make this work. Number one, a lot of the time and energy you spend on your wealth practice now is somehow marketing and prospecting related and will no longer need to happen. Yes. You heard that right, it no longer needs to be done. All successful entrepreneurs know that the riches are in the niches and once you embrace the divorce market as your niche, ALL your wealth clients will come through that channel. Yes, seriously.

“How will I find the time to build my divorce business when I still have to manage my wealth practice?”

So, I just freed up at LEAST 3 hours a week for you to focus on business building. So now what? If you’ve gone through any of my trainings or are a member of Velocity or at least have purchased my text book, you have a list of exactly what you need to do to build your business but here’s the thing. EVERYTHING that needs to be done has zero immediate impact. Which means if it doesn’t get done, no one will notice. The tasks are not your daily fires that have to be dealt with immediately. Because of that, it’s really, really easy to get buried in the day-to-day noise of your business and get to the end of each day feeling like you didn’t really make much progress.

Give Yourself Structure

Time blocking will give you a structure to ensure you make progress. You need to block out two 90-minute Jam Sessions on your calendar each week. Color code them in bright red and label them “Jam Session – DO NOT SCHEDULE”. Schedule these based on your own bio-rhythm for when you are most effective. If you’re a morning person, it will likely be first thing in the morning and maybe even before the rest of the office arrives. Or you might want to do them from home to ensure no interruptions. If you’re a night person, it might be a late afternoon block.

These Jam Sessions are only to work ON your business, not in your business. If that’s confusing, ask yourself the question, if I don’t do this task will anyone suffer? If the answer is yes, you’re not doing the right stuff. If it’s something for a current client, that’s IN your business. You want to be doing things like content creation, marketing strategies, securing speaking gigs, creating your New Client Folder, mapping out your 3 main project focuses for the next week, month, and quarter.

Make sure that these sessions are uninterrupted. No email. No phone calls. No questions from team. FOCUSED TIME. If you honor these sessions twice a week, you’ll be stunned at how fast your business will progress.

If you are really serious about making the transition to a divorce-niched business, join the group in Velocity where CDFA® holders Get Ready, Get Real, and Get Results! And be sure to join us on our open Facebook Group.


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