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What Our Clients Say!

At the Divorce Financial Training Center, we love building long-term success. This is why our greatest reward is receiving positive feedback from those that matter most… our clients!

“Being a member of the Business Blastoff and the Velocity programs with Nancy Hetrick has given me the tools and confidence to work with clients in the divorce process. I continue to have a steady flow of divorce planning business and I expect to double the number of cases in 2020.”

Melissa B. | Business Blastoff & Velocity

The Velocity program gave me the competence and confidence to work in this niche. I would not be at the level I am without Nancy and her generous sharing of knowledge. Nancy truly prepared me for what it takes to be a CDFA and I am eternally grateful. Thank you to Nancy for teaching me what I didn’t know I didn’t know!

Viki Johnson | Past Velocity Member

“I have found Velocity to be extremely worthwhile. Having a community of learners, all experiencing similar challenges with building a business has been invaluable. Training on technical topics as well as “mindset” topics offers a variety of education from which everyone can benefit. We all learn from the trainings and from each other.”

Bev B. | Velocity

“I cannot say enough about the Velocity program. The practice management coaching, alone, has taken my practice to a level I would never have reached without it. The entire team at Divorce Financial Training makes sure I have the tools, accountability, and confidence I need for continued growth in my practice. I will always know that working with Nancy and her team was the smartest decision I made as an entrepreneur.”

Kristen H. | Velocity

“I would not be the CDFA I am today if I had not gone through the Business Blastoff, Velocity and now Max Velocity. If this is the work you want to do and you want to do it really well than I highly recommend these programs. The training, technical expertise, guidance, support and peer collaboration is second to none.”

Andrea M. | Business Blastoff & Velocity

“During Velocity, my business moved from the struggling start-up phase to a thriving business. The program gave me the tools and confidence that I needed to manage my growth. I am on pace to do around $100,000 in divorce revenue this year and have brought over roughly $7M in assets. I firmly believe that my business would not be where it is today without Nancy’s coaching and the tremendous amount that I learned from my colleagues in the program.”

Leah H. | Velocity

I have to thank you for believing in me.  You have been an instrumental part of my success, becoming an elite divorce financial planner. Remember earlier on our call today, I told you I had a prospective client meeting.  She just signed my agreement and has hired me for $350/hour and $100/hour for paraplanning.  She also wants me to be her wealth manager post-divorce (Of course in Nancy-style, I said that’s a conversation that we have after your divorce).  Her husband earns $1.3m a year and their liquid net worth is $12.5m.  They’ve been married 32 years and there’s no prenup.  I am just so thrilled that I could cry right now. My dreams are coming true. Thank you for your coaching and guidance.

D.B. | Business Blastoff & Velocity

“I got my CDFA designation five years ago and honestly never did much with it.  It became increasingly clear that developing a niche was imperative for growth in a market crowded with other financial advisors.  The divorce work was what spoke to me most, but where to begin?  Without the strategies, resources, and accountability provided through the Velocity program, I know I wouldn’t be working at this level to build my divorce practice.  It gave me the drive I needed to push forward and the tools I needed to do it well.”

Jessica Simmons, CDFA® | Past Velocity Member

“WOW WOW WOW!!! Nancy’s plan works. We started to market to marriage counselors by sending them an initial letter with the IDFA brochure. The response has been overwhelming. I’ve done about 25 zoom meetings in the last 2 1/2 weeks. As Nancy told us, they will call you back!”

Andy G. | Velocity

“Just finished up my year as part of Nancy Hofman Hetrick’s Velocity program and just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Nancy and her team. Nancy’s program gave me the confidence and tools I needed to start a CDFA service offering from the ground up and provided personalized guidance every step of the way. I had just earned my CDFA designation and had no idea where to start when I showed up to Velocity.
From pitching a CDFA service line to my bosses, creating my own website, brochure, business cards (all with the help of the talented Robin Anderson) to knowing what agreements I need to provide, how to network and who to network with, what to say at initial consultations with clients, how to price my services – and what services to even offer in line with my values – Nancy’s program covered it all. AND HOW TO ACTUALLY DO THE WORK – and do it well and in a way that I feel proud of. Nancy has truly helped me to feel the fear and do it anyway and I will always be grateful.

Within one year, I now have clients and have built a network of professionals that I never would have created without the encouragement and handholding of a pro like Nancy (and her team). I look forward to continuing on with the support of Nancy and my amazing accountability partners that I’ve met through the program.

Shameless plug!!! If you are serious about building a CDFA practice and doing it at a high-quality level of service, I truly don’t know how you would do it without a foundation like Velocity. THANK YOU!”

Rana Davidson, CDFA® | Past Velocity Member

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