How do I turn my CDFA® credential into a profitable business?

Looking for the missing pieces that lead to success? We provide customized training and support to grow your successful divorce planning business as a CDFA® holder.


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Learn from a successful entrepreneur who has been in the trenches and built two successful six-figure businesses from the ground up, in the past 6 years.

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“I’ve received a wealth of information, processes, sample forms, and many other how-to tips.”

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“Don’t try to re-create the wheel when Nancy Hetrick already has it figured out. She will provide you with the structure, process, and know-how to get your divorce practice off the ground.”

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What documents do I NEED when I get my first client?

Let me give you a ready-to-brand retainer agreement as my gift to you. When that first client is ready to hire you, you’ll have what you need to set the stage for a successful engagement.

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Working from Home

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How COVID-19 Could Propel Your Divorce Business

How COVID-19 Could Propel Your Divorce Business

During the upcoming peak COVID-19 catagion, it is HIGHLY probable that there will be a 2-3 week period when pretty much no one will go anywhere and you will be working from home. Maximize this opportunity to build your business!

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Systems for Scaleability

Systems for Scaleability

What do we mean by “systems”? It’s a series of steps you take to get results that are repeatable and replicable. You will likely tweak and improve them along the way, but you don’t have to recreate them to have a successful business.

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