Money Mastery for the Entrepreneur


APRIL, 2020

Nancy A Hetrick

Once you transition to being an entrepreneur to build your Divorce Financial Planning practice, you are responsible to generate that paycheck and create your own success and you may discover some money mindset baggage hiding in your subconscious.

There’s so much stress associated with money. Just look at our divorce clients! How many cases do we see where money stress and financial difficulties directly result in the downhill path to divorce?

There’s so much stress associated with money. Just look at our divorce clients!

I remember my parents arguing about money and the stress that I saw. Every single purchase was subject to my father’s review and whether it met his standard of what HIS hard-earned money could be spent on. We all knew it wasn’t OUR money, it was HIS! The stress around any purchases was off the charts. As a result, my mom would sew our own clothes, shop with us at good will, and as the 3rd child, I think I was 15 before I ever wore a non-sewed piece of clothing that hadn’t been worn by my older sisters for 2 years first.

We have to get to our powerful billionaire CEO mindset, like Sara Blakely of Spanx. 

What are your core beliefs that might be holding you back? What are the negative association you have around earning more money?


I’ll have to work so hard.

It won’t happen for me.

I need to be smarter, more experienced, better qualified, etc.

Others will take advantage of me.

Others will judge me.

I won’t be spiritual.

I’ll become _________________________(greedy, arrogant, selfish, etc.)

What are your core beliefs that might be holding you back?

If you really want to re-write your story with money, you have to stop avoiding the key tasks and habits that need to be addressed. Where are you avoiding conversations that could be bringing more money into your business? Raising fees, collections, avoiding because you don’t want any pushback from people? 

These are just a few ideas to explore around your relationship with money. If you like these kinds of business building keys, you may want to consider our next two-day event in Phoenix set for the end of June COVID allowing .  

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