Keeping Your Calendar Full


MARCH, 2019

Nancy A Hetrick

When trying to get your divorce practice off the ground, it’s critical that you are taking the RIGHT actions to keep that prospect pipeline full. Conversations lead to conversions which lead to clients so the more conversations you have, the better. If you are not having conversations, I guarantee that you will NOT be growing the cash flow to your bottom line.

There are 5 Key Principles to ensure that you are keeping your calendar full with new prospects and leads.

1. Build Your Pipeline

You have to have basic strategies in place to keep those prospects coming. In my Velocity program, we deep dive into all of those various strategies but you can also create your own. Networking, meeting with key referral partners, hosting workshops, or volunteering to speak are just a few ideas.

“There are 5 Key Principles to ensure you are keeping your calendar full with new prospects and leads.”

2. Get in Front of Ideal Clients

Your ideal client will evolve over time and you will keep honing in on this as your business grows and you refine who you really want to work with. Once you’re in front of them, make an offer to get them into a longer-term relationship by offering a complimentary strategy session. Be sure that strategy sessions have a deliberate agenda and purpose to move them forward to avoid the 90 min. elaboration on their “story”.

3. Package and Promote

You’re not a real business if you can’t take a credit card. You’re just not. And it’s too easy today to set it up with companies like Square and PayPal.

4. Scheduling Systems

What channels will we use to promote? What are your strengths and where are you best equipped to excel? Social media, speaking, writing, networking, etc. Find your sweet spot and focus your energies there instead of trying to execute on things you’re no good at!

5. Automate Appointments

If you’re wasting time playing phone tag and struggling to connect with your key clients, that’s just a lousy use of your time. There are multiple appointment apps out there that integrate with Outlook, Gmail, etc. that will eliminate this productivity killer. Here are just a few to research: Calendly (my favorite), TimeTrade, Acuity Scheduling, Schedule Once, and AppointmentCore.

“Your ideal client will evolve over time and you will keep honing in on this as your business grows.”

By having a well-devised plan for filling your pipeline, you ensure growth of your business as well as your bottom line. For more intensive training on marketing and growing your business, consider Velocity, for CDFA® holders who want to build a 6-figure business.


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