Why is it so hard?


March, 2022

Nancy Hetrick, CDFA®, MAFF®, AWMA®

I’m on my quarterly CEO Retreat with 4 other business owners and taking 2 solid days just to plan, strategize, create the vision and plan the execution of our goals.

What’s crazy is that my business has grown so much over the last 10 years that I have to SCHEDULE time to think! With over 30 active divorces going right now, the workdays are spent, well, doing the work!

Do you find the same thing? That you are so involved in doing the work of serving your clients that you forget to focus on how to build your business? You’re not alone.

“Are you so involved in doing the work of serving your clients that you forget to focus on how to build your business? You’re not alone!”

When I became a CDFA I actually had LOTS of time. I only had about 20 wealth clients, that I was being paid really well for, and I really wanted to launch my divorce practice strong. So I learned. I learned about building my own website. I learned about keywords and SEO and defining my target market and what colors in marketing meant. I learned about Google Analytics and effective speaking and perfecting my elevator pitch.

It was exhausting. And frightening. And ultimately meant I did a whole lot of stuff that didn’t work only to find the few things that actually did!  I estimate I lost about 3 years that I could have eliminated if I’d had a clear roadmap to follow.

So I built it. A clear roadmap of what to do and what NOT to do. As I talked with attendees at the various IDFA conferences I heard over and over and over that they were struggling with the same stuff.

The stories of my divorce clients ring in my ears. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.” What happens to all of those other people that need us but can’t find us because too many don’t know where to start and end up quitting in frustration?

So I have a new mission now. To help you. So ALL OF US can be successful, and available to every person that desperately needs our help.

If you’re tired of struggling to build your business, come and let me give you the road map. It’s not too late.

Join us for Business Blastoff to start learning the disciplines that will GUARANTEE this year is different. There’s a virtual option and a money-back guarantee. Be stronger than your excuses.

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