How a Pandemic Changed My Business

How a Pandemic Changed My Business | Divorce Financial Training

May 17, 2022

Nancy Hetrick, CDFA®, MAFF®, AWMA®

As we largely have returned to some semblance of new normal after the Pandemic, I realized this week that my business looks very different now.

In March of 2020, as the world went into lockdown, I looked for opportunities. Cuz that’s what I do. I pretty much live in a world looking for the silver linings to every situation and always find one!

I thought of all those people whose marriages were rocky and now they’re stuck in a house together 24/7 and I could empathically FEEL the stress, anxiety, and tension they would be enduring.

And they would have seemingly no options to end the suffering. The courts are closed. Attorneys’ offices on hiatus. NOT US! We jumped in and crafted a social media campaign.

“Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in a bad marriage. Now offering 100% virtual mediation and out-of-court divorce solution.”

 We stayed busy! Very, very, busy.

Fast forward 2 years and over 50% of our business is now virtual… the demand of the clients! We’ve all discovered the benefits of no traffic, no travel time, and the emotional buffer provided by a virtual relationship. And we’re doing cases all over the country!

Even my local, advocacy cases where I am working with a client and their attorney, for the most part we are all opting for virtual.

This opened a whole new world of possibilities for building my team! In January I added Gerard Zielinski, a highly experienced CDFA in Milwaukie Wisconsin to partner with me serving our clients and now offering QDRO Drafting on a national basis!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of cases that want that in-person experience. I’m finding that true especially for Collaborative Divorce. But having the technology available at our fingertips has given us all new opportunities for doing business that we would be wise to explore.

How do you see the world? Silver linings or dark clouds of “yeah, but…..” The opportunities are ALWAYS there. You just have to train yourself to focus on them and tune out the negative. Be careful what you feed your mind. The tragedy porn that is the modern news will train your mind to only see the negative.

Feed your mind positive, uplifting, personal development materials and your lens on the world will change dramatically! My Velocity clients are all coming to town this week and we’ll be talking about the Secrets of High Achievers.

It’s not enough to do the hard work of being a CDFA®. We have to BECOME a better version of ourselves. The person you are today is not capable of achieving what you want to achieve. If you were, you already would have. You have to step into a bigger vision of yourself.

Are you ready to get started? Ready to #GetRealGetResults? Join me in June for our next Business Blastoff. You’ll be glad you did!

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